Three Moons of Icarbus

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Icarbus is a large exotic atmosphere world occupying the last orbital position around the two stars in the Ekli (Dagudashaag 0718) system.

  • The planet retains a family of three moons (all with UWP of Y100000-0).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Each moon has been carved to resemble an enormous skull.

  1. The innermost dearly represents a human cranium, and is remarkable for its detail.
  2. The second probably represents a Droyne, but is much more crude.
  3. The third depicts an as yet unidentified (but presumably sophont) species. Some xenoblologists hold that it represents the skull of a mature Ael Yael, a minor sophont race found within Gushemege Sector, but if it is, the likeness is only passing.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

For centuries Icarbus has been an important archaeological site. and is maintained by staff from both the Free University of Ushra and the Thelmr Aeki. Popular opinion holds that the Ancients were the constructors of the site, although geophysical evidence seems to suggest that the skulls were fashioned more recently: as yet no-one has made a definitive statement.

Extensive densitometer scans have revealed the presence a number of sealed chambers far below the surface of each moon. All of the chambers that have been excavated to date have been empty, but there is still the possibility of a find that will solve the mystery.

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