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The Thinrim is an informal term for an astrographic region of Regency territory.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Thinrim comprises all Regency territory in Trojan Reach, Usher/Reft, Glisten/Spinward Marches, Plankwell, the rimward half of Trin's Shroud, and some parts of Lunion.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Once a melancholy backwater of mediocre industrial worlds catering to trade with the Aslan, the Thinrim has risen to being second only to the Regency Stronghold in population and technology. This despite the heavy Ihatei invasions that overran much of it in the period of 1119-1122. The fait accompli arrangements of the Spinward Accords left many of its worlds in the control of Aslan clans, most of whom imposed their own culture upon the local populations, and were ambivalent in serving the Regency. Despite the simmering tensions with the Aslan, the common cause of Virus, and the need for a secure rear area away from the trailing frontier, compelled the local populations to adopt a "live-and-let-live" attitude of balancing their grievances against grim necessity. This has not prevented occasional confrontations on mixed population worlds, and it does little for fait accompli worlds.

Thinrim worlds show the evidence of past crises. During the Ihatei invasions, large numbers of people were uprooted, and replaced by Aslan. When the Collapse occured, most of these people returned, joined by refugees and economic settlers in the billions. Most worlds, then, are a mixture of dilapidated older settlements, and a crazy-quilt of Collapse era temporary settlements that look as if they were erected yesterday, yet contain the bulk of the population. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the dividing line between ghettos and upscale neighborhoods are obliterated, and human and Aslan communities are rather well integrated on liberated worlds.

Many of the Thinrim's goods are destined for the Aslan Remnants and its maintenance of the Riftspan Quarantine. There is much irony in this. The Rift Territories contain only a few industrial worlds, and the Collapse left the region with little technological depth compared to the Regency. Despite the Ihatei invasions, the fait accompli settlements, and the accomodations of the Spinward Accords, the Regency now holds the advantage. Industrial dependence became an effective means of controlling Aslan aggression, and deterring material support to fait accompli rulers.

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