The Travellers' Digest 12

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The Travellers' Digest 12
TD #12
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version Classic Traveller
Author Gary L. Thomas
Format Letter
Canonical 0
Edition 1st
Year Published 1989
Pages 56


Gary L. Thomas
Associate Editor & Art Director
Joe Fugate
Contributing Editors
Nancy Parker, Robert Parker, Rob Caswell
Cover Art
Tom Peters
Joe Fugate, Patricia Fugate, Rob Caswell, William H. Keith, Jr., Karl Martin, and Robert Parker

Table of Contents[edit]

Adventure - Life Underground, by Nancy and Robert 6-11

Data/World: 11

Adventure - Inside Information, by William W. 12-17

The Brinn, by William W. 18-24

Data/World: 23
Map/Subsector: Dethenes 25
UWPs/Subsector: 25

Data/IISS: Torrel, by John 26-32

Old Expanses Sector: Nancy & Robert Parker

Map/Xboat Routes: Old 33
Data/Library: Old 34

Replacement Body Parts, Part 1, by Mike Jackson & Joe D. Fugate 35-38

Adventuring in the Shattered Imperium, by Joe Fugate Sr. & Marc Miller 39-40

FGMP-15, by Karl 41

FGMP-16, by Karl 41

Plasma Rifle, by Karl 41

Traveller Q& 42-43

Exploration: American Style, Part 2 (for 2300), by McCoy & 44-46

The ASV-97, by Karl 48