The Solomani Rim

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The Solomani Rim
Supplement 10
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author John Harshman
Format Digest
Canonical 1
Year Published 1982
Pages 48
Available from RPGNow
Product No. 329

This page describes Supplement 10, The Solomani Rim, for the sector see: Solomani Rim Sector

  • The Solomani Rim contains sixteen pre-generated subsectors for Traveller, complete with subsector maps, world data, and background information.
  • The Solomani Rim is an old and civilized sector, high in population and technological sophistication. It contains nearly 400 inhabited worlds, including Earth.
  • The Solomani Rim forms the setting for many of the published Traveller adventures and makes an excellent background for any campaign.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

No information yet available.


John Harshman
Assistance and good ideas
Loren Wiseman and John Astell
Art Director
Paul R. Banner
Assistant Art Director
Chris Purcell

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 4
Ultima Subsector 8
Suleiman Subsector 10
Concord Subsector 12
Harlequin Subsector 14
Alderamin Subsector 16
Esperance Subsector 18
Vega Subsector 20
Banasdan Subsector 22
Solomani Rim map 24
Albadawi Subsector 26
Dingir Subsector 28
Sol Subsector 30
Arcturus Subsector 32
Jardin Subsector 34
Capella Subsector 36
Gemini Subsector 38
Kukulcan Subsector 40
Map Symbols 42
World Data 43
Index 46