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The Rift is a large void lying far to spinward of the Distant Fringe. It tracks generally to coreward-trailing and marks the spinward and coreward boundaries of the Empty Stars. It is considered to be a spur of the Great Void.

Details / Specifications[edit]

The rift is huge, in excess of 60 parsecs wide along the majority of its length. It is agreed to be around 1 kiloparsec long and terminates in unexplored – and presumably empty – deep space around 200 parsecs coreward of Terra. The point where The Rift meets the Great Void is known as the Maw of The Rift.

Rift Sectors[edit]

The following sectors are considered to form part of The Rift:

Hirada Sector; Lon Beon Sector; Magister Sector; Reikan Sector; Remoran Sector; and Suluru Sector.


The rimward portions of The Rift were first charted by ultra-long-range scans performed by vessels from the Last Armada sometime around 2255AD. Its exact position and dimensions have never been accurately defined.

  • See also Great Rift, though the information contained within this article is unknown to the inhabitants of the Distant Fringe. As far as they are aware, these are either empty sectors or are occupied by the Vilani Imperium.

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