The Regency Sourcebook

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The Regency Sourcebook
Keepers of the Flame
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Traveller: The New Era
Author Dave Nilsen
Format Book (Paperback/PDF)
Canonical 1
Year Published 1995
Pages 96
Available from RPGNow
ISBN 1-55878-189-7
Table of Contents
Keep the flame 4
The Regency in 1202 5
Psionics in the Regency 14
Nobility in the Regency 16
Imperial Regency Developments 19
The spinward states 22
Spinward Marches 36
Deneb 52
Trojan Reach 66
Reft Sector 69
Starships 86

The Regency Returns: Since 1979 the Spinward Marches have been the birthplace of most Traveller campaigns. Although the Marches have undergone changes and felt their share of hard knocks , they have endured. And whether you think of the as the Spinward Marches, the Domain of Deneb, or the Regency, it is still home sweet home, and it has now returned, in all of its multi-faceted glory, for Traveller: The New Era.

Keepers of the Flame: The citizens of the Regency are citizens of the Third Imperium. They are the reverent guardians and sturdy repository of all that was great in that society, and they are pledged to carry its light back into the darkened universe.

But this has not been easy. The effort to keep Virus at bay took the better part of two generations, and absorbed most of the energy and productive capacity this society had. And now, with the great external threat seeming to recede, old repressed rivalries are re-emerging, just as the Regency is poised to spring again into the stars.

Enemies Within and Without: The Regency is burdened with a restive class of disenfranchised nobility, shunted aside by the wave of democratic reforms. Aslan ihatei squatters within the Regency borders, never quite assimilated into human society, are beginning to call attention to their demands, both from the Regency government and from their clan brethren outside the Regency border. Vargr splinter groups, driven into the Regency with the decimation of their own societies, will stop at nothing to fuel the recovery of their homeworlds in the Wilds. Sword Worlds irredentism is again on the rise. And as if that weren't enough, their stable neighbors the Zhodani now seem to be coming completely apart, wracked by internal war and flooding the Regency with waves of refugees.

All in all, not an environment for the faint of heart, but keeping the flame was never easy.

The Regency Sourcebook includes:

  • Details on the current status of the Regency and its institutions: the Regency Quarantine Service, governmental reforms, the new psionic schools, and the XWeb.
  • Details on the Regency's neighbors: Zhodani, Aslan, Vargr, Darrians, Sword Worlds, Old and New Islands; and more.
  • All 45 subsectors of the Regency with maps and UWPs - almost 1000 worlds in all.
  • 10 new TL-15 and -16 starships and spacecraft.


Author and Art Director
Dave Nilsen
Collapsing Data
Mark Gelinas
Julie Callahan
Interior Illustrations
Bradley K. McDevitt, Kirk Wescom, Mike Vilardi

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 3
Keep the Flame 4
The Regency in 1202 5
Psionics in the Regency 14
Nobility in the Regency 14
Important Regency Developments 19
The Spinward States 22
Data Section 35
Spinward Marches Sector 36
Deneb Sector 52
Trojan Reach Sector 66
Reft Sector 69
Starships 86