The New Era Adventure Operation Dominoes 4: The Iskyar Metamorphosis

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Operation Dominoes 4: The Iskyar Metamorphosis
Publisher [[ComStar Games]]
Version Traveller The New Era
Author [[Daniel Hammersley]], [[Richard Perks]]
Format pdf
Canonical yes
Year Published 2008
Pages 62
Available from [RPG Now RPGNow]
Product No CSRT0042
[[Category:ComStar Games Books]]

With the end of the recent Idsurian war, the RCES Moonshadow team hopes to return to more traditional bootstrapping activities whilst continuing their first contact with the Droyne. However a regional war has effects even after it is over, and the RCES team soon find themselves embroiled in numerous side-missions to help the Idsur Republic recover.

But long held hatreds and machinations of the remaining global superpowers and increased “assistance” from the Reformation Coalition will plunge the RCES team into desperate missions to save thousands of lives.

Operation Dominoes 4: The Iskyar Metamorphosis is the final episode in the Operation Dominoes adventure series set on the world of Tiniyd in the Thoezennt subsector. The adventure is set in the period X-1202 to I-1203, and is designed for a party from 4 to 8 player characters.


Written by: RCES Tactical Planning Team Alpha

Daniel Hammersley
Richard Perks

Editing, Layout and Design by

Michael Taylor
Grahame Mullis
Roger Calver