The New Era Adventure Operation Dominoes 3: The Isdur Gambit

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Operation Dominoes 3: The Isdur Gambit
Publisher [[Avenger Enterprises]]
Version Traveller The New Era
Author ?
Format PDF
Canonical Yes
Year Published 2007
Product No. CSRT0038
[[Category:Avenger Enterprises Books]]

The RCES Moonshadow and Bootstrap Team's work from adventures OD 1 & OD 2 has culminated in the discovery that Chirpers are Psionic creatures, and thus sentient, not merely "Very smart animals". Unfortunately the discovery has not met with applause from the cruel slave labor using superpowers and smaller hostile neighboring nations that surround the Idsur Republic.

"We realize that in the event talks fail, and war breaks out, we will be invaded," the Idsurian Prime Minister said with a brave but tired smile, as he looked about the room, and at the blackout curtains to his office. "We feel confident that with your aid purchasing armaments to last beyond our thirty day stocks for our military forces we can survive, and the truth will as well."

"The Defense Minister is correct. We have men and material to repel one such invasion, but we have four such hostile Human neighbors. We cannot withstand them all, should they mobilize and cross the borders in force." The Prime Minister handed the RCES team Leader the Idsurian's list of requirements. "We understand from your discourse with us, the adjacent world of Marax has much of what we need here, and is now a Coalition associate world."

By siding with Idsur and the "Chirper Revelation", the RCES Team Leader has committed the Reformation Coalition to the support of this 'bridgehead' friendly nation. What the Team Leader and his fellow RCES Star Vikings barely comprehended was the extent of Anti-Psion prejudice back home, as well as the usual RCSA political wrangling over budgets, Shipbuilding, and the looming interstellar war between the Vampire Ships, and the possibility of war with the nearby Soleean Star Empire in Shenk Subsector.

"Nobody thought we could pull it off, contacting a virulently paranoid Psion led world in the Wilds with Droyne and Chirpers living amongst humans, but we did. Now they don't believe they're worth saving with an Meteoric Strike Force."

"The trouble is, we believe they are." The Team Leader looked at his group of Moonshadow and Bootstrap members. "Anybody have any questions?" One hand went up. "Yeah Roach, what is it?"

The Idsur Gambit, third in the series of the TNE Adventures set in Thoezennt subsector's Psion ruled world in the Wilds on Tiniyd continues the story of how a handful of RCES Star Vikings could make a difference for the lives of millions here.