The New Era Adventure Operation Dominoes 1: Moonshadow

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Operation Dominoes 1: Moonshadow
Publisher [[Avenger Enterprises]]
Version Traveller The New Era
Author TBD
Format PDF
Canonical Yes
Year Published 2006
Pages 54
Product No. CSRT0022
[[Category:Avenger Enterprises Books]]

The New Era, Operation Dominoes 1: Moonshadow is a complete game supplement for the Traveller role-playing game published by ComStar Games. Full stats are included for Classic Traveller, but this rules-light supplement is suitable for use with any version of Traveller, or indeed with other rules sets.

Operation Dominoes 1: Moonshadow is part of Avenger Enterprises' 'The New Era' range. It details a complete world at the edge of the Reformation Coalition Area of Operations, ruled by xenophobic psions.

Moonshadow details the world of Tiniyd, and also presents the two adventures for an RCES Moonshadow Team. In these adventures, the travellers are sent to reconnoitre a potential strategic world, ruled by feuding psionic governments, whilst under the shadow of an impending scandal that will shock the Coalition.

The team are sent to make contact with the only free and representative government, whilst hiding from the oppressive paranoia of the competing regimes and off-world raiders.

Operation Dominoes 1: Moonshadow presents the start of a mini-campaign that will influence the success of the Reformation Coalition across an entire subsector.