The Meshan Saga

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The Meshan Saga was the Fanzine for the History of the Imperium Working Group New Zealand. It was published by FSpace Publications and produced by Martin Rait and contained material written by HIWG NZ members, and the HIWG group assigned the Meshan Sector for development. Martin had permission from GDW to be an officially published TNE fanzine for the area.

The Meshan Saga published 10 issues, beginning in 1995, with the final one in April 1999. The fanzine was republished in PDF format and placed online shortly after the last issue and appeared on the TMS CDROM for a few years afterwards. In 2007 Martin removed the online archive from the GeoCities archive, as he had from his own server years earlier. The second editions of issues 1-9 and issue 10 are still available on the FSpace Roleplaying 2001 CDROM, sold by FSpace Publications and available from several vendors. Martin is in negotiations to obtain permission to republish this material in a modern form.

Copies of the publication are lodged with the National Archives, Wellington, New Zealand, both physical copies and digital PDFs on CDROM in their collection under ISSN 1174-8710. They are held in the Alexander Turnbull Library, Serials Collection, Call Number: Per MES.