The Guilded Lilly - Virus Redux

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The Guilded Lilly
Virus Redux
Publisher QuikLink Interactive
Version Traveller: The New Era
Author  ???
Format PDF
Canonical yes
Year Published 2006
Product No: QLI-TNE0001

The Guilded Lilly is the first adventure in the Virus Redux Epic for Traveller - The New Era. Sent into the Wilds to gather intelligence, the players soon find themselves drawn into the struggle for the control of a key world in Diaspora Sector.

But ultimately even more important than the fate of a single world may be the secret of the Guilded Lilly, a secret which will lead the players across many worlds and to the center of a sinister conspiracy.

Each Epic is a series of linked adventures, which form a history altering campaign. Put your characters at the center of the most crucial struggles of their time.

The adventure continues in Guilded Lilly 2: Belly of the Beast and concludes with Guilded Lilly 3: Into the Darkness.