The Great Restoration

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The Great Restoration was the overly-optimistic moniker given the expulsion of Clan Craig of Laphraoig from the sovereign monarchy of the Principality of Caledon.


During The Uphaival in -109, Stuart Craig carried out a putsch in which he assassinated his rival for the throne, John II, of Clan Douglass. This led to the Craig dynasty, which lasted about 140 years through some of what were the least-distinguished monarchs in Caledonian history.

While part of Clan Douglass - the Mourhead branch - had fled to form the Grand Duchy of Douglass, the Derwent branch remained and fought (against the Clyde branch, which had been turned against John II with promises of land holdings and leverage in the nobility that John had denied them due to decades-earlier court intrigues).

The Restoration[edit]

The Derwents found a rapprochement with the Clydes, and together with representatives of several other powerful clans, engineered the deposition of the impotent, ineffective, and possibly insane Ian II in the year 30. That, indeed, is the "Restoration" referred to; the reconciliation of the Derwent and Clyde branches of Clan Douglass.


The next 73 years - the Third Douglass Dynasty - were, if anything, worse than the Craig years. Ongoing friction between the Clydes, Derwents, their supporting clans (especially the De Geoffreys, who were gradually leaving their role as long-time allies of the Douglass clan) caused the dynasty - the reigns of Robert II, Bruce I, John III, Bruce II, Laurence, Roger III and Simon I - to devolve into even more inter-royal squabbling (although open warfare ended).

The doldrums and decay carried forward until the upheaval that led to The Douglass Concord in 103, ending Douglass control, turning the monarchy over to Clan MacArthur of Inverloch, which led to a second Golden Age in the Principality.

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