The Classic Adventures

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The Classic Adventures
The Classic reprint series
Publisher Far Future Enterprises
Version Classic Traveller
Author Marc Miller
Format Big Floppy Book
Canonical yes
Year Published 2000
Pages 352
Product No. FFE0003

The third volume in the Classic Traveller Reprints is The Classic Adventures 1-13. It includes:

  • Adventure 1. The Kinunir. Deck plans for an Imperial Colonial Cruiser, plus scenarios that visit a variety of different examples of the ship in the Spinward Marches.
  • Adventure 2. The Research Station Gamma. Into an Imperial Research Station.
  • Adventure 3. Twilight's Peak. A mysterious world and its ancient ruins.
  • Adventure 4. Leviathan. Adventures just beyond the Imperial border.
  • Adventure 5. Trillion Credit Squadron. Using High Guiard rules to design fleets and test themin battle against other squadrons.
  • Adventure 6. Expedition to Zhodane. An asteroid ship and its journey deep into the Zhodani Consulate.
  • Adventure 7. Broadsword. Deck plans for a Mercenary Cruiser.
  • Adventure 8. Prison Planet. A prison world.
  • Adventure 9. Nomads of the World Ocean. A water world.
  • Adventure 10. Safari Ship. Deck plans for a Safari Ship, and reasons to use it.
  • Adventure 11. Murder on Arcturus Station. A murder mystery.
  • Adventure 12. Secret of the Ancients. The conclusion of the data and clues in Adventures 1, 2, and 3.
  • Adventure 13. Signal GK. GK is the Imperial equivalent of SOS.