Thalia Subsector

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Thalia Subsector
Yewoiauehoah Staai Aglaea

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Sector Ustral Quadrant
Capital Thalia (Ustral Quadrant 2909)
No. of Stars 26
Majority Control Solomani Confederation - 85%
2nd Control Aslan Hierate - 15%
Thalia, subsector D of Ustral Quadrant Sector, contains 26 worlds with a population of 184.8 billion. The highest population is 70 billion, at Khoastarl (Ustral Quadrant 2502). The highest tech level is 12 at Khoastarl and Boushi (Ustral Quadrant 3008). The administrative center for the Solomani Confederation is at Thalia (Ustral Quadrant 2909).

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