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Used to create a correct reference citation for a specific book from the Ludography. The ref is a shorter version of the full (and correct) Template:Ludography cite. The list of books is in the Cargo data tables, as created by the Template:InfoboxBook2. If you need a new citation, make sure the book (or magazine) in the Ludography has the correct and updated template.

The final result is formatted by the Template:Ludography ref.layout.

Parameters are:

Name of the book, magazine or other reference. This must match the name given in the Template:InfoboxBook2 name parameter.
Page (e.g. 15) or range of pages (1-4) being cited.
(optional) title of the article in magazine.
(optional) Versions of Traveller name for the book. Used to disambiguate identical titles from different versions of Traveller.