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This template defines the table "Starships". View table.

Type: {{{tdes}}} [[{{{type}}}]]
Also see {{{alsosee}}}
Blueprint {{{blueprint}}}
Canon {{{canon}}}
Cargo {{{cargo}}} Tons
Cost MCr{{{cost}}}
Crew {{{crew}}}
Hardpoints {{{hp}}}
Hull {{{hull}}}
Jump J-{{{jump}}}
Maneuver {{{g}}} G
Model {{{model}}}
Origin Third Imperium
Passengers {{{hpass}}} High/Med {{{lpass}}} Low
QSP {{{QSP}}}
Reference {{{ref}}}
Size {{{size}}} Tons
Size-cat {{{size-cat}}}
Streamlining {{{aerodynam}}}
Tech Level TL–{{{TL}}}
USP {{{usp}}}

This is a infobox template for starships, space ships, and other space capable vehicle designs.

  • This template also stored data in the Cargo tables. This means the format of the elements is more specific and or picky. The parameters to the template are parsed and inserted into tables in the database for query through Cargo.
  • Template:InfoboxShip
InfoboxShip-2 Parameters
Parameter Remarks
Name Name of the ship or class of ships. For ship classes, include the word "class" (lower case) in the name. For individual ships Named Ships, enter only the name. Do not add any formatting.
Also see Insert a related hyperlink with brackets.
Aerodynam / Streamlining Streamlining hull shape or aerodynamics. See Hull page.
Architect Undisplayed. The author or ship designer.
Blueprint yes or no. Deck plans available.
Caption Optional - short description of the image. will display under image. Usually basic information about the ship's canonicity.
Cargo Cargo size in #.0 Tons
Cost Cost of the ship, in MCr. Includes Cost of the architect fees for designing the ship, in MCr.
Crew Total expected crew size
G maneuver drive or NAFAL drive rating of the ship. Use 0 if none installed
Jump Jump drive or Hop drive rating of the ship, use 0 if none installed
Officers optional - number of the crew that are officers
Enlisted optional - number of the crew that are enlisted, or non-officers
Era Defaults to 1105. See Timeline or Milieu for categories.
Footnote Optional - extra note for the infobox, if needed. Displays at bottom of infobox.
HP Hard points installed on the ship, used for mounting weapons
Hpass Number of High passage or Middle passage passengers that can be carried.
Hull (shape) Hull type used. See Hull page.
Illustration Yes or no. does not dissplay.
Image Optional, link created - image for the ship. Displays at top of infobox.
IOC Initial operational capability. The year that it first operated.
Manufacturer Company or polity building it. Not yet used for display.
Model The type of Ship’s Computer used.
Lpass Number of Low passage passengers or Low berths installed
Origin Link created - world or empire where this ship class originated. AKA Home Polity of builders.
QSP Optional: T5 Core Rules Quick Ship Profile
ref Reference. Use page cite style. See article Citation.
Size Ship size in Tons
Size-cat ACS, BCS, FCS, or WCS
TDES Type designation - Use the two letter code from the Ship type codes
TL Technology Level of the ship design
Type Link created - Ship type - Please use the types listed in either Military Starship Types or Civilian Starship Types based upon the type designation above. Under development.
USP Optional, displayed - Universal Ship Profile. The High Guard (book) USP for the ship.


|name     = TBD class Attack Boat
|aerodynam= [[Unstreamlined Hull]] 
|alsosee  = 
|architect= TBD
|blueprint= No
|caption  = Published, canon starship design.
|cargo    = 
|crew     = 
|cost     = 
|enlisted = TBD
|era      = 1105
|footnote = [[Starship]]s are designed with the [[Classic Traveller]] format, using [[High Guard (book)|High Guard]].
|g        = 
|hp       = 
|hpass    = 
|hull     = [[TBD Hull]]
|illustration= No 
|image    = Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif
|IOC      = TBD
|jump     = 
|lpass    = 
|marines  = TBD
|model    = TBD
|officers = TBD
|origin   = Third Imperium
|QSP      = TBD
|ref      = TBD
|size     = 
|size-cat = 
|tdes     = 
|TL       = 
|type     = 
|usp      = TBD
|manufacturer= Various