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This template is the general infobox template for goods, a general term for equipment not using one of the more specialized equipment templates:

|name    = {Name or title of item}
|alsosee = 
|caption = TBD
|cost    = {cost of item in Credits}
|footnote= {extra information about the item}
|group   = TBD
|IOC     = TBD
|illustration= No 
|image   = [[File: Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif]]
|model   = TBD
|ref     = TBD
|size    = {volume in liters or dtons}
|TL      = {Technology level of general production }
|Type    = {Type of good, from the category list below, no :Category first}
|volume  = TBD
|weight  = {weight of item in grams, kilograms, or tons}
|manufacturer = {optional : Manufacturer name if specific to one company ...may enter Various if not known as well}

The Type listing is to classify each kind of goods. This is set as a general sub-category for goods. The current list of types is:

From the T5: Core rules book Types should be:

A - Protections, Safety (Armor, Clothing, Insulation, etc), Augments.
Category:Protective gear
B - Breathing Gases. Specialized Mixtures.
Category:Breathing apparatus
C - Cables and Surface Gear.
Category:Survival gear, Category:Fabric
D - Detectors (Sensors, Sensory aids, Signal amplifiers, etc).
Category: Sensory aid
E - Emitters (of signals capable of being sensed).
Category:Communications gear, Category: Emitter
F - Food. Nutrients
Category: Food and Drink
G - Non-Breathing gases.
<No Category>
K - Containers, Carriers, Cases, Backpacks, Holsters.
Category: Container
L - Liquids. Liquid Manipulating Equipment. Pumps.
<No Category>
M - Construction Materials, Structural Items.
Category:Construction material, Category: Structure
N - Information, Software, Data, Apps, Programming. Computers.
Category: Computer
P - Power. Power Supplies. Power Cells. Energy Sources.
Category:Power supply
Q - Small Craft.
R - Drugs (Rx) and Medical.
Category:Medical, Category:Drugs
S - Structures, Shelters,
Category: Structure
T - Tools. Toolkits. Basic Machines
Category: Tool
U - Unique items
<No Category>
V - Vehicles.
Category:Vehicles, Category:Personal mobility
W - Weapons
X - Explosives. Exothermic Chemicals.
Category: Explosive
Y - Robots, Automatons, Strangeforms.
Category: Robots