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A Technological Age or Tech Age represents a variable amount of time in years, decades, centuries, or even millennia under which a certain technological spectrum of capabilities exist for a certain sophont society.

  • It is represented as one TL or 1-TL.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Tech Age is a handy sophontilogical metric for measuring and representing a certain spectrum of expected technological capabilities. The IISS developed the current TL spectrum of TL:1-33 based on previous research and theoretical systems developed by the Vilani, Syleans and others.

Each Technology Level (TL) covers a technological paradigm or zeitgeist of expected development. The systems were based upon the development experiences of human societies favoring the favoring conventional mechanical engineering as a technological base, so each level may be different for non-human or alternate human societies using Alternate Technologies, developing on exotic worlds, or under conditions very different from the test species. However, a definite plurality of societies have developed under general correspondence with the TL:1-33 current, projected sequence.

One last thing to mention is that any levels higher than the TL-15 cutting edge if Charted Space are pure projection based on the hypotheses of futurologists, xeno-archaeologists, and other scientists. These projections are often based upon the recovery of artifacts, archaeologicals, biofacts, and ecofacts of precursor societies, very often more advanced than the societies of Charted Space. In some cases, the projections were influenced by examination of Ancients Sites. All of that is to say that the TL projections are educated guesses.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

When proto-civilizations arise, protosophonts develop multiple societies, usually in competition, as they strive to climb the technological ladder. As they develop into proper sophont societies, they grow more skilled at the propagation, retention, storage, and dissemination of new knowledge. This eventually leads to the concept of an Accelerating Tech Level applying to that society. In other words, younger, lower tech societies may take centuries or millennia to advance its knowledge base or TL mastery, while later, far more advanced societies may take far lesser periods of time to do the same.

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