Task Force 20 (Royal Caledon Navy)

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Homeport: HM Dockyard Budwick[edit]

Combat Units[edit]

Battleship Squadron 20: 4 Prince Roger III Class Battleship
Carrier Squadron 20: 4 Fleet Carriers
Scout Squadron 20: 12 Antrim Class Heavy Frigates
Destroyer Squadron 20: 32 Hall Class Destroyers
Logistics Squadron 20: 8 Mountain Class Replenishment Ships (AOR-B)
Fuel Squadron 20: 12 Duke Class Jump Tankers (AO-JB)
Communications Squadron 20: 8 Dispatch boats

Fleet Train Units[edit]

Transport Squadron 113[edit]

  • 6 x Baron Class AO Transport Tankers

Fleet Logistics Squadron 113[edit]

  • 2 x Repair Ships (AR-H)
  • 1 x Fighter Support Ship (AVT-L)
  • 8 x Store Ships (consumables/dry goods) (AS-H)
  • 8 x Regent Class AO Station Tankers
  • 1 x Station Refinery Ship (class ARO-H)
  • 4 x Dispatch Boats
  • 20-30 x Utility craft (AU-M and AU-S)

Escort Group 113[edit]

  • 4 x Light Frigates
  • 16 x Sloops

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