Tansa Subsector

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Tansa Subsector
Taapvaia Sashrakusha Mimu

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Isi Ahto
Sector Gushemege
Capital Kukhun (Gushemege 3105)
No. of Stars 46
Majority Control Third Imperium - 100%
Tansa Subsector lies at the heart of the Lancian Cultural Region.
  • The Lancian Culture permeates almost every world of the Subsector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Tansa Subsector is defended by 142nd Fleet.

Subsector Summary: 1105[edit]

Tansa, subsector D of Gushemege has 46 worlds, of which 33 have native gas giants. The estimated population for the subsector is 28 billion sophonts (not necessarily humans). There are three High population (Hi) worlds, two Moderate population (Ph) worlds, 26 Non-industrial (Ni) worlds, eight Low population (Lo) worlds, and no Barren (Ba) worlds. There are nine Agricultural (Ag) worlds versus two Pre-Agricultural (Pa) worlds, and four Non-Agricultural (Na) worlds. There are four Rich (Ri) worlds versus two Industrial (In) worlds. There are no Asteroid (As) belts, five Desert (De) worlds, two Garden (Ga) worlds, one Ice-capped (Ic) world, nine Poor (Po) worlds, three Vacuum (Va) worlds, and five Water (Wa) or Ocean (Oc) worlds. There are eight Naval bases in the subsector, eight Scout bases, and no Way stations. In Tansa there are two race homeworlds. The Imperial nobility includes 45 Knights, four Baronets, 12 Barons, two Marquises, two Viscounts, three Counts, one Duke, and one Subsector Duke. The highest population world is Shiramuunir (Gushemege 2507). The highest tech level is E at Fubanan (Gushemege 2701), Luuen (Gushemege 2809), Lishan (Gushemege 2907), Muidmu (Gushemege 2910), and Miha (Gushemege 3203). The average technology level is 9 (with most between 6 and 11).

Polity Listing[edit]

The Third Imperium, Lancian Cultural Region in Tansa has jurisdiction over all of the worlds. The subsector capital is Kukhun (Gushemege 3105).

Astrographic Features & Trade Routes: 1105[edit]

The following astrographic features and trade routes can be found within this area:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this area:

45 Worlds in the Tansa Subsector
Aakmi  •  Aphu  •  Bearnagh  •  Beheld  •  Bradt Landing  •  Chzaar  •  Ellje  •  Fubanan  •  Fuqui (Gu 3002)  •  Giikika  •  Hillalk  •  Hunnan  •  Inkia  •  Ivahllo  •  Jonosva  •  Ka Maz  •  Kell  •  Kukhun  •  Kumkhap  •  Lishan  •  Llaet  •  Luuen  •  Mekar  •  Miha  •  Minev  •  Miz*rskua'mr  •  Muidmu  •  Nyamuleju  •  Pucuro  •  Raoh  •  Routeburn  •  Sadetha  •  Sahee  •  Sayayr  •  Shiramuunir  •  Sinish Giken  •  Suhho  •  Tasazhas  •  Tosiv  •  Trindewranda  •  Tullyree  •  Upaniv  •  Urssursfa'  •  Xenicus  •  Yta Akat  •  

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Lancian homeworld of Kukhun lies here. Other centres of Lancian culture are at Raoh and Shiramuunir. Tansa was badly effected by the Pacification Campaigns and the worlds of Kyla (world) and Miha (world) still bear the scars of that bloody war. Following the Campaign Makhidkarun resettled many worlds in the Subsector that had been Lancian power-bases; worlds such as Beheld (world), Lishan (world) and Sinish Giken (world).

The S'mrii culture of Dagudashaag settled three worlds of the Subsector: Mizorskua'mr (world), Urssursfa' (world), and Chzaar (world), and the S'mrii can be found on many others. The S'mrii's immediate influence extends out to Ivahllo (world) and Bearnagh (world). The S'mrii and Kukhunen found themselves allies from earliest times in a joint struggle against Vilani oppression over 4,000 years ago. This alliance was forged again between the S'mrii and the Lancians after the Long Night in the struggle against Imperial expansion which resulted in the Pacification Campaigns. The greatest fruit of co-operation between the two races has however been in the fields of cybertechnology and nanotechnology. The S'mrii are the inventors and the Lancian's the designers and marketeers.

Trading centres surround the agricultural worlds of the Beheld Cluster and the industrial worlds of Shiramuunir (world) and Lishan (world). The Gushemege Main and the Oulpath both run through the subsector, radiating from Kukhun (world) to Shiramuunir (world) in the former case, and to Muidmu (world) in the latter.

The desert world of Ka Maz (world) carries Red Zone status due to the long lasting effects of a water bonding agent released during the Pacification Campaign. The agent, known as Khiizud, turned all the free water on the planet into crystals. The remaining inhabitants of the planet survive mostly in underground settlements and travel the surface in stillsuits. Yta Akat (world) also carries the Red caveat. Yta Akat (world) is the homeworld of the Lumu, one of the few minor races that has evolved in a corrosive atmosphere.

Sahee (world) and Jonosva (world) are examples of Lancian worlds where local conditions have effected Lancian art and way of life. Jonosva's methane/ammonia hydrosphere and its towering ice mountains have inspired a unique style in Lancian architecture. Towering crystal structures are the order of the day, contrasted to the dark of the insiduous flows. On the waterworld of Sahee (world) Lancian aquaculture is at its finest. Surface and under-water floating habitats are a miracle of design. The world-ocean also permeates the thinking of the Sahee, whose society is more uniform and flowing than on many other Lancian worlds.

The scout base on Llaet (world) was established in 837 to study the Oniinn. The Oniinn are one of the largest creatures ever discovered, being many kilometres across. They resemble giant turtles, floating in the shallows of Llaet's seas. For many centuries they were not even recognized as animals. Llaet is now the focus of much xenobiological research into "macro-life".

Polity Listing: 1105[edit]

The following polities can be found within this subsector:

  • Independent Powers
    • None
  • Other Powers
    • None

Native Sophonts: 1105[edit]

The following races (sophont species) are believed to have originated in this area:

Demographics: 1105[edit]

Significant populations of the following races (sophont species) reside within this area:

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