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Notes (2015)[edit]

Hex  Name                 UWP       Remarks                                  {Ix}   (Ex)    [Cx]   N     B  Z PBG W  A    Stellar       
---- -------------------- --------- ---------------------------------------- ------ ------- ------ ----- -- - --- -- ---- --------------
3124 Mora                 AA99AC7-F Hi In Cs                                 { 5 }  (F9H+5) [AF5F] BEF   NS - 112 9  ImDd F0 V

Where is the key/legend that explains the Nobility entry? BEF? What does that mean, knight, baron, E=14 Count? F=Duke? I have seen Be as well.

Hey Ron, Please sign with four tildes. Top left of the key board under "esc". You can find the noble key here:
1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V
For Imperial worlds, the noble ranks assigned to the world by the Emperor based on importance.
If no noble ranks are assigned to the system, the field may be empty, a blank (space) or - (dash).
Code	Ranking Noble
B	Knight.
c	Baronet.
C	Baron.
D	Marquis.
e	Viscount.
E	Count.
f	Duke.
F	Subsector Duke.
G	Archduke.
H	Emperor.
e.g. BEF = Knight, Count and Subsector duke.

Sorry/will do Ronald B. Kline, Jr. (talk) 21:14, 13 June 2015 (EDT) and thanks