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Notes (2019)[edit]

The degenerate dwarf companion star in the Kulabisha system went nova in 502, sterilizing all life on the mainworld.

  • In the colloquial usage of the term "nova" during the Golden Age of Sci-Fi of the 1950s-1960s from which Traveller takes its inspiration, "Nova" could refer to any type of stellar brightening or flare-up, including a Nova (proper) , or any of the various types of Supernovae as they are now classified. In fact, it might even refer to a major stellar disruption or flare similar to the Darrian Maghiz. It is possible to argue that the term "nova" is a similar colloquialism of Charted Space in the 57th Century. If that is the case, then the "Nova" that sterilized Kulabisha may have been the Supernova of the Far Companion in this system (the "D" star, which would then be a neutron star or black hole). Alternatively, if it was a "Nova" (proper), then the "D" star should be a close companion of one of the two Red Dwarfs in the system in order to be able to accrete stellar matter from its companion to cause the nova.

Notes (2016)[edit]

Novel: Traveller 5th Edition Agent of the Imperium

  • 091-502
  • Aboard BKF Basiiri Above
  • Forn 2404 Kulabisha B68799A-9 Ga Hi