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Notes (2016)[edit]

Powers (Politea)
# Size Descriptor (Power) Type (Sovereignty) Allegiance Code Ling. Descriptor (State) Comparitive Descriptor World/s Range Remarks / Notes / Examples


1. World-State

(Petty Power)

Non-Aligned Power

(Improbable Sovereignty)
(extremely limited sovreignty)

NaXX Micro State

(Micro Nation)

Petty Power 1 World Non-polar

(Conflict: Unrecognized. No mention. Not newsworthy. Andorra, Malta, etc.)

[Typically Client states]

2. Pocket Empire

(Lesser Power)

Independent Power

(Possible Sovereignty)
(limited sovreignty)

4ltr Allegiance Code Mini State Small Power

(Smaller Power)

(2 to 24)
1+ Subsector/s Sub-polar

(Conflict: 3rd World Africa)

[Typically Client states]

3. Minor Power

(Smaller Power)

Independent Power

(Probable Sovereignty)
(significant sovreignty)

4ltr Allegiance Code Minor State Lesser Power 25+
1+ Subsector/s Quad- or Multi-polar

(Conflict: 2nd World Asian Tigers, Portugal, etc.)

[Typically Client states]

4. Major Power

(Great Power)

Independent Power


4ltr Allegiance Code State (Conventional)
  • Meso-state
Great Power

(Middling Power)

Several Subsectors to 1+ Sectors Tri- or Multi-polar

(Conflict: 1st World France, Germany, Japan, etc.)

[Mostly Independent]

5. Super Power

(Greater Power)

Independent Power


4ltr Allegiance Code Major State Greater Power 100+
Several Subsectors to 1+ Sectors Bi- or Multi-polar

(Cold War: USA vs. USSR superpowers)

[Almost always Independent]

6. Hyper Power

(Greatest Power)

Independent Power


4ltr Allegiance Code Macro State

Hyper State

Greatest Power


Multi-sector Uni- or Multi-polar

(Clear dominance: USA, Ancient China, Roman Empire, etc. hyperpower)

[Always Independent]

Polity Types[edit]

  • Polities are a standard government or interest group, consisting of various numbers of members. They range from World-States to Hyper-Powers although hyperpowers generally form Supra-polities. Sometimes called meso-polities.
  • Supra-polities are overarching polities that create a grouping of more conventional polities, usually to resist the advances of a larger polity. Many to most super- and hyper-powers form supra-polities.

Polity Notes[edit]

Please note that a polity does not necessarily indicate a government.

  • A polity may be any group that organizes for political purposes.
  • This includes organizations, institutions, and many other kinds of interest groups.
  • Such polities may cleave upon any number of binding factors such as:
    • Cultural identification
    • Geographic identification
    • Historical identification
    • Racial identification (genetic)
    • Religious identification
    • etc.