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Questions on Droptanks (2010)[edit]

Is it possible to kick the supercapacitors outside of a ship with droptank problems before they blow? (Admittedly, I suspect this would involve tossing out the entire jump drive - might as well construct the ship as an external jump drive carrier design in that case...)

I also note that GURPS Traveller (pg 120, 2nd edition) says that at least part of the hydrogen is used to maintain the bubble surrounding the ship in jumpspace (both to generate energy for this, and vented into jumpspace to create the bubble). GURPS Traveller Far Trader (not sure about a page link offhand, sorry) suggests that whether or not droptanks are possible can make quite a difference in a Traveller campaign; should this be noted? Perhaps a compromise, given the above, is to allow droptanks to be used for part of the fuel for jump, but not all of it (ratio variable by GM)?

- Allens 07:07, March 12, 2010 (UTC)