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Agent of the Imperium Notes (2016)[edit]

Agent of the Imperium

  • 034-336
  • Core 2118 Capital A586A98-D Hi Cx

Capital (the planet once known as Sylea) is a moderate-sized world with a lot of people, compounded by the fact that a little more than half its surface is water. A lot means eighty billion; moderate-sized means, after subtracting water, about eight billion hectares.

  • 10% A tenth is devoted to food production (long ago, that was two-tenths, but that was long ago): it is impractical (if not impossible) to import food for billions of people.
  • 20% Two-tenths is mountain, canyon, rock, and crag.
  • 20% Another two-tenths is snowlands: both support scattered communities, but certainly no appreciable population density.
  • 50% Half the land is urban, four billion hectares for 80 billion people: perhaps 20 per hectare, 2,000 per square kilometer. Terribly crowded, oppressive, single-level urban areas make do with such densities over a few hundred square kilometers. Capital maintains such densities across all its settled lands. Yet. For many, Capital is a pleasant environment, an attractive community. High-rise and plunging arcologies house millions in high-density comfort and safety: the masses of the bureaucracy that drive the engines of the empire must live in comfort and safety.