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Traveller News Service - 1116

Date: 132-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi was assassinated at 1517 hours local time, 132-1116, in the Grand Reception Hall of the Imperial Palace above Capital/Core. In the ensuing firefight, the Empress Iolanthe and the Grand Princess Iphegenia were also killed, along with the Aslan Yerlyaruiwo ambassador, twelve Imperial Guards, and a number of bystanders.

¶ In the following minutes, Archduke Dulinor of Ilelish appeared before the cameras of the Reception Hall, claimed the crown of the Emperor by the right of assassination, and scattered holocrystals documenting his claim to the surviving crowd. He ascended the steps of the dais and sat on the iridium Throne briefly before leaving in the company of his bodyguard.

¶ System Control Central reported tracking the Archduke's cruiser leaving the Capital system minutes later. Fleet elements are reported in pursuit.

¶ Capital has been placed under martial law. Off-planet transportation has been suspended temporarily. Naval headquarters has issued a statement that the situation is stable and under control. Rioting is reported in the city. Ω

Date: 133-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ The Imperial Palace above Capital has been sealed by Naval Security troops. Dulinor is rumored to remain concealed in the palace with a company of bodyguards. It remains unclear whether Dulinor fled the Capital system yesterday aboard his cruiser, or if he remains in the Palace. Occasional plasma flashes have been reported along the Grand Concourse.

¶ Imperial officers at the scene refused comment. Ω

Date: 134-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Captain Sir Gerals Spirlandin, commanding the Honor Company of the 2nd Imperial Marine regiment, denied reports that Prince Varian, Strephon's nephew and heir apparent to the Iridium Throne, was killed in skirmishes within the Imperial Palace yesterday.

¶ Spirlandin, 32, of Ibaru (Zarushagar 0321), said, "The situation is under control, but identities of persons in the Palace remain unconfirmed."

¶ News Service personnel have not yet been allowed inside the Palace. Ω

Date: 135-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Preparations for Emperor Strephon's funeral tomorrow continued without incident. Empress Iolanthe will be buried at the same time. Grand Princess Iphegenia will be buried Thirday.

¶ The Admiralty confirmed today that the Imperial Palace has been cleared of disloyal elements. The apartments accorded Dulinor in the Palace have been retaken, with no sign of the Archduke.

¶ The body of Prince Varian, until today heir apparent to the Iridium Throne, was recovered from the Imperial Palace this afternoon, and now lies in state alongside the Emperor in the central Hall of Nobles beneath the Moot Spire. Varian's funeral is scheduled for Thirday.

¶ Crowds of mourners continue to file through the Hall of Nobles. Responding to the press of crowds, last minute arrangements have been made to keep the hall open through the night.

¶ The Office of the Mint has suspended production of the Cr1 coin pending coronation of the next Emperor. A generic sunburst design has been adopted as a temporary replacement. Ω

Date: 136-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Emperor Strephon and Empress Iolanthe were buried today with full state honors. The procession from the Hall of Nobles to the Alkhalikhoi section of the Imperial Park in the shadow of the Palace moved slowly and without incident.

¶ Prince Lucan, Varian's younger brother, and now heir apparent to the throne, appeared briefly at grave side, leaving under heavy security immediately after the ceremony. Ω

Date: 137-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Following simple burial ceremonies for Grand Princess Iphegenia and Prince Varian, the Office of the Emperor today announced that Prince Lucan had formally ascended the Iridium Throne in private ceremonies in the Imperial Palace.

¶ Shortly thereafter, Duke Simalr of Ushra, speaking for the Moot, charged that private ascension ceremonies are invalid, adding that any assumption of the powers of the Imperium requires the consent of the Moot.

¶ Emperor Lucan, communicating through his seneschal, exercised the Imperial power to dissolve the Moot for one year. Duke Simalr of Ushra, speaking for the Moot, denied the legitimacy of Lucan's action in a strongly worded reply which was released simultaneously to the news services.

¶ A meeting of the Moot later in the day failed to achieve a quorum. Duke Simalr is reported under house arrest. Ω

Date: 200-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Unrest among the populace continues following the assassination of Strephon and the questionable rise to power of Emperor Lucan. Fanned by opponents such as Duke Simalr of Ushra, the flames of unrest have sparked rioting in major population centers and intense quarreling among members of the Moot.

¶ Police and Imperial Guard troops have kept these isolated outbreaks under control, but their frequency and intensity are on the rise. Ω

Date: 202-1116Vland (Vland 0307)[edit]

¶ Emperor Strephon was assassinated by Archduke Dulinor of Ilelish 132-1116. The Central Authority issued a simple statement early today regretting the Emperor's death, but calling on all citizens to remain calm and remember his passing with dignity. Ω

Date: 217-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ In the shadows of the Imperial Palace, a particularly violent clash between police and rioters has rocked the capital. For nearly three hours the skirmishes continued, as demonstrating citizens forced their way toward the palace against strict orders of the authorities.

¶ Nonlethal means were finally used to disperse the crowd, but not until forty citizens and at least three riot policemen were killed.

¶ A spokesman for Emperor Lucan has stated that the Emperor, though aware of the problem, was not concerned and did not at any time leave the palace for his own safety. Ω

Date: 245-1116Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶ The Archduke's official state visit to Capital ended abruptly with his surprise return to Dlan and his immediate call for a full-media press conference on the steps of the palace for later in the day.

¶ After appearing wearing an elaborately fashioned crown, the Archduke began his statement with a list of wrongs and abuses perpetrated by Emperor Strephon. He concluded with the startling statement: "The Emperor is dead! I have dedicated my life to the people of the Imperium. I claim the Iridium Throne by right of assassination, and shall rule this Imperium as Emperor Dulinor."

¶ The stunned public then listened as the Emperor called for a complete mobilization to seize all of the Imperium for his sacred cause. He made a public and official request to Admiral Hutara, his brother, for the Ilelish Fleet to side with him in his sacred struggle to gain his rightfully secured place on the throne.

¶ The Emperor Dulinor retired to his chamber without answering questions. A subsequent statement detailing the new Emperor's trip to Capital and the assassination of Strephon on the Iridium Throne itself. The statement concluded with an account of Dulinor's ascension of the Throne to the well- wishing cheers of millions of Capital's citizenry, followed by a selection of patriotic video cassettes.

¶ Celebrations have been organized on Dlan and throughout the sector as the populace is encouraged to honor the beginning of new age for the Imperium and Ilelish sector. Ω

Date: 248-1116Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶ Sector Admiral Hutara and his fleet officers made an official announcement that the Ilelish Fleet has declared for Dulinor. In a brief but ancient ceremony, Hutara offered his dagger to Dulinor, who solemnly accepted, and then briefly embraced his brother. Ω

Date: 265-1116Amdani (Daibei 2034)[edit]

¶ Heightened high-level conferences and military activity in the area have done nothing to quell rumors that Core sector is in civil unrest. Statements from the nobility have been universally, "No comment."

¶ As of this date, all naval personnel have been put on special alert, all shore leaves have been canceled, and a complete media blackout of naval exercises has been imposed. The Admiralty has no comment. Ω

Date: 309-1116Amdani (Daibei 2034)[edit]

¶ Official announcement of Emperor Strephon's assassination has reached the sector. The nobility has also released a statement encouraging the populace to have faith in the systematic and peaceful shift of power to Strephon's heir, Duke Varian.

¶ Subsequent messages from Core sector have indicated that Varian was killed in combat in and around the palace area. Prince Lucan is apparently the new Emperor of the Imperium. Ω

Date: 309-1116Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Lucan announced that unrest in Core sector has been dealt with successfully. All citizens are encouraged to have faith in the new Emperor, despite unsubstantiated rival claims to the throne.

¶ Emperor Lucan also announced that the Core Fleet is on the move towards Dlan to hunt down the criminal Dulinor. His actions warrant death, and he will certainly be brought to justice. Ω

Date: 313-1116Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ In an unexpected move, much of the Imperial Rim Fleet has been concentrated and many reservists have been placed on alert. No substantial explanation has been forthcoming.

¶ General Yoshtiru of the Terran Home Guard has called for a high level command conference of the commanders of all troops stationed on Terra. Ω

Date: 322-1116Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ Military installations in Asia, Africa, and North America have been closed to civilians. All active duty personnel worldwide have been recalled from leave or furlough.

¶ An unofficial source stated that large shipments of materials have been arriving at these closed installations. The exact nature of the shipments is unknown, and no official Home Guard spokesman will comment on the issue. Ω

Date: 330-1116Regina (Spinward Marches 1910)[edit]

¶ The ducal household announced that Duke Norris of Regina will travel to Rhylanor (Spinward Marches 2716) to meet with representatives from several key worlds in the Spinward Marches and Deneb sectors. The conference is scheduled to cover "economic matters", a general term used when the agenda has not been made public. The exact nature of the meeting has not been disclosed.

¶ In related matters, a rumor that the Duke has recently received a private communication from Emperor Strephon has not been confirmed by official sources. Ω

Date: 340-1116Regina (Spinward Marches 1910)[edit]

¶ The ducal household announced that Duke Norris was elevated to the rank of Archduke of the Domain of Deneb by the hand of Emperor Strephon on 091-1116 in recognition of his activities in the late Fifth Frontier War.

¶ The Duke plans a trip to Capital to personally accept the Emperor's blessing. Ω

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