Technologically Elevated Dictatorship

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A Technologically Elevated Dictatorship or TED is an autocratic form of government, often by an AI.

  • They are also spoken of as a "Teddy" or "Theodore".

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Technologically elevated dictatorship or TED indicates rule by a small group of persons whose power derives solely from their possession of relic technology well in excess of that possessed by the remainder of the population, typically 6 or more TLs above the sustainable level.

  • This is distinguished from a true feudal technocracy in that there is not an interconnected system of groups trading in technological services with each other, but rather one small elite which possesses equipment which cannot be reproduced, and often cannot even be maintained.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

These warlords are typically xenophoic, knowing that interstellar contact will destroy the small advantage that maintains their power. These warlords will make every attempt to imprison or kill any interstellar visitors, and have proven to be the demise of many free traders.

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