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The Travellers' Digest No. 6
The Most Valuable Prey
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version Classic Traveller
Author Various
Format Periodical (Small)
Canonical Yes
Edition 1st
Year Published 1986
Pages 56

No information or synopsis yet available.


Gary L. Thomas
Associate Editor & Art Director
Joe Fugate
Contributing Editors
Nancy Parker, Robert Parker
Joe Fugate, Steve Venters

Table of Contents[edit]

Editor's Digest 4
Feature Adventure: The Most Valuable Prey by Nancy and Robert Parker 6
Shuna Subsector 40
Persons and Unpersons by Nancy Parker 42
The Lishun Sector 45
The Gaming Digest: Tasks by Joe Fugate 48
Traveller Tech Briefs: Grav Belts by Gary L. Thomas 53