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Traveller's Digest 17
Td17 200.jpg
Issue 17
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version MegaTraveller
Author Gary L. ThomasJoe Fugate
Format Periodical
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 1989
Pages 56

No information or synopsis yet available.


Gary L. Thomas, Joe Fugate
Associate Editors
Nancy Parker, Robert Parker
Art Director
Rob Caswell
Cover Art
William H. Keith, Jr.
Joe Fugate, Patricia Fugate, Rob Caswell, Mike Jackson, Stephen Longpre, K. Lebherz-Gelinas, Robert Parker, and William H. Keith, Jr.

Table of Contents[edit]

The Blade of Koiyekh, by William H. Keith, 6-16
Aslan Glossary, by William H. Keith, 17-18
Psionic Knights, by William W. 19-24
Official Q&A, World Builder's 25-26
Aliens in MegaTraveller, by Joe D. Fugate 27-28
Data/Library: Dark Nebula, by Nancy 30-31
Map/Subsector: Kilrai' 32
UWPs/Subsector: Kilrai' 32
Map/Trade Routes: Dark 33
Trokh: Language of the Warriors, by Gary L. 34-37
Traveller Q& 38-39
Soundtreks, by Rob Caswell & Tom 40-41
Losing It, by Terry 44-47
The Traveller Arsenal - Snub pistol
Snub Pistol, 49
Snub Pistol, 48
The Hogan 500, (For 2300) by Mark 50-56