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The Travellers' Digest 15
Td15 200.jpg
Issue 15
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version Classic Traveller
Author Gary L. ThomasJoe Fugate
Format Periodical
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 1989
Pages 56


Gary L. Thomas, Joe Fugate
Associate Editors
Nancy Parker, Robert Parker
Art Director
Rob Caswell
Cover Art
David Deitrick
Joe Fugate, Patricia Fugate, Rob Caswell, Tom Peters, Bryan Gibson, David Deitrick, Stephen Longpre, Karl Martin, Nancy Parker, Robert Parker, and William H. Keith, Jr.

Table of Contents[edit]

Adventure - Krimm's Paw, by Nancy 6-13
SZ: Donosev Class Scout Survey 9
Adventure - Mistaken Identity, by William W. 14-18
Orientation for New Players, by Joe D. Fugate 19-20
Daibei Sector: Library and Map, by Nancy & Aleatha Parker ... pg 22-25
Glisten: Library and Map by Robert Parker ... P26-28
Traveller Q& 30-31
Drop Capsules, by Terry 32-33
Children in MT, by Terry 34-37
Nuclear Radiation, by Mark 38-44 47
Body 46
The "Real" Strephon, by Gary L. 48-49
LC-20 Landing Craft, by CW Hess & Vincent 50-54