T5: Starships and Spacecraft

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Starships and Spacecraft
Deck plans for Traveller
Publisher Far Future Enterprises
Author Marc Miller
Version Traveller 5th
Format Maps
Pages 6
Year Published 2014
Language English
Canonical Yes
Available from Far Future
ISBN 978-1-55878-002-6

Five 22x34 black and white deck plans for Traveller5 starships: Scout/Courier, Express Boat, Free Trader, Corvette, and Colonial Crusier. Sheets are 1:120 scale (1 inch = 10 feet).

Plus, a sixth sheet: The Astrogator's Starchart of the Spinward Marches Sector: Perfect for plotting voyages through the most famous of the Travller Sectors. Map scale is 1:1,645 quadrillion (one three-quarter inch hex = 1 parsec).

Inspired by Judges Guild's classic Traveller deck plans Starships and Spacecraft, this new deck plan pack re-imagines classic Traveller starships and adds new spacecraft and charts to the mix.