System Guide 1: Datrillian

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System Guide 1
Publisher Avenger Enterprises
Version Generic
Author David Johnson
Format PDF
Canonical Yes
Year Published 2006
Pages 18
Product No. CSRT0016

System Guide 1: Datrillian is a complete supplement for the Traveller role-playing game. Full stats are included for T20 and Classic Traveller, but this rules-light supplement is suitable for use with any version of Traveller, or indeed with other rules sets.

System Guide 1 is part of ComStar's "Marches 1110" series, and is a companion to the Bowman Arm sourcebook. It details a complete star system lying on the Bowman Arm, a frontier region troubled by the aftermath of the Fifth Frontier War. Datrillian is a harsh, cold world populated by humans owing feudal loyalty to their king. They are content with their way of life and resistant to Imperial expansion into the region, which might upset the balance of their society. But the Imperials are coming anyway.

System Guide 1: Datrillian contains complete data on the Datrillian star system including the mainworld and its inhabitants, their way of life and plans for the future, plus adventure seeds to keep a Traveller group busy in this unforgiving environment. System Guide 1 is supported by ComStar adventures and supplements set within the Bowman Arm and in the surrounding region, creating a modular adventure setting that will keep a Traveller game running for months!