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The vehicle is locally on Sweet (world) and has a crew of three (driver, gunner and commander). It mounts a twelve tube 10cm multiple rocket launcher system in a rotating turret on the chassis deck.
Vehicle Dimensions: height: 2m (+1 m turret) width: 5 m length: 12.5 m.
Total usable volume: 70 m3.
Total mass loaded: 240 metric tons.
Production Cost: Cr.3,582,578.91
Movement: Maximum, 780kph/650cm; Cruise, 585kph/487.5 cm; NOE, 130kph/108cm.
Movement effect on fire: can not fire on the move.
Armor: Turret front, 50; Turret sides and rear, 40; Chassis front, 49; Chassis sides, and rear, 40; belly and deck 35.
Target Size DMs: +4 low, +1 high
Equipment: Sealed environment with extended life support for 3 for CBR/NBC threats, Laser sensor to detect enemy target designators (7+) linked to an anti-laser smoke discharger launcher with a 100 can supply of aerosols, Image enhancement and thermal image for vision blocks and night operations, map-box with GPS, a 5000km range radio, basic ECM, 100 power counter battery RADAR (+6 accuracy), RADAR direction finder (+6 accuracy), radio direction finder (+5 accuracy), 10km range MASER, Avionics.
Power: 40 megawatt fusion power plant consumes 60 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 9,111.8 liters, enough for 151.8 hours. Grav generators produce 1.67 G's.
Weapons: The 100 mm, twelve tube rocket launcher has tech 9 indirect fire control. ROF 12. Set-up 5 turns, +2 signature, -4 accuracy over 1/2 range. Rockets mass 30kg each, there is storage for 240 rockets enough for 20 fire missions. The vehicle is equipped with and automatic reloading system for the launchers. The rockets are available in short, 6.5km, medium, 12km, and long range, 20km versions. Laser guidance can be added to each rocket for Cr800.
Warheads available: Cost: Short Medium Long
HE 17/2/3 120 240 360
HEAP 42 180 360 540
CBM 21/8/6 +1DM 360 720 1,080

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