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Notes (2016)[edit]

External Link: The Suedzuk of LAIR, T^5 sophont * By The Pakkrat * Used by permission

The Suedzuk are a sub-species, intra-species race (if you prefer), and an ethnicity of the Major Race of Vargr from the same LAIR as other Vargr originate. They are found generally in the Vargr Enclaves Sectors of: Ktiin'gzat, Arzul, Mugheen't and can range into Kfaz Ghik, Angfutsag, Amdukan, parts of Trenchans and Empty Quarter. Their distinctive yet variable red pelt coloration gives them away as a sub-species of Vargr and are oft-despised due to their history, (see Library Data for the history of the Suedzuk).

Here are some technical measurements:

Niche and Subniche: Carnivore Chaser

Environ Flux: -3

Native Terrain: Exotic The Suezuk were marginalized to the more Exotic or strange landscapes and environs of Lair requiring them to adapt through becoming more aware of their needs and sensing where to find them.

Breathes: Air-8

Genders: FM Female and Male

Morphology: Exotic Terrain Walker

Castes: n/a

Characteristics: SDEIEC (Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Education, Charisma)

C1 Strength: Male 2D-1 Female 2D-1
C2 Dexterity: Male 2D+1 Female 2D+1
C3 Endurance: Male 2D Female 2D 

Suedzuk are faintly more enduring than typical Vargr.

C4 Intelligence: Male 2D Female 2D
C5 Education: Male 2D Female 2D
C6 Charisma: Male 2D Female 2D
CS Sanity: Male 2D Female 2D (not rolled at Chargen)
CP Psionics: 2D+3-Life Stage (not rolled at Chargen but Awakening)


Vision: V20-RGB
Hearing: H20-8483
Smell: S22-5 Vargr sense of smell is slightly more Sharp than Humaniti.
Touch: T14-3
Aware: A18-3 

Suedzuk have developed slightly more keen sense of Awareness coupled with their Special Ability: Awareness-2.

Perception: P22-44

Racial Scent: VAR-AYD


Head with Brain & Senses
Torso present
Limbgroup1 Arms
Limbgroup2 n/a
Limbgroup3 Legs
Limbgroup4 n/a
Tail present
Skeleton: Bony Interior
Fluids: Blood

Skin: Furry Pelt, a distinctive but variable red coloration that makes the Suedzuk stand out and become identifiable in a diverse population.

Weapon: Fangs-1, claws no extra damage
Manipulators: Hands
Grip: 0
Preferred Controls: 0
Optimized Controls: 0
Alien Controls: -1
Configurable Controls: 0
Touch: 0
Stance: Vertical

Special Abilities:

Talent: Male Awareness-2 Female Awareness-2

Gender Consensus: Female 50% Male 50%

Voice: Guttural

Language: Verbal The Suedzuk have their own Vargr language related to the others but with slightly heightened vocabulary and usage of tricky sentence structure which can be sly or evasive as desired.

Poice: Firm

Suedzuk Average Size: Male 72kg Female 72kg

Suedzuk Typical Height: Male 1.7m Female 1.7m

Suedzuk Psionics: Default 2D+3 - Life Stage, The Suedzuk have a slight head start in capability in Psionics but have the default potential as a Vargr. Their distance from other psionic races presents less frequency of psionics instruction loci.

Suedzuk Tech Level Cap: 33

Gravitics: 9
Fusion Plus: 13
Event Branc Manipulation: 27
Jump Drive: 9