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[edit] Merchant Vessel (Starship) Synopsis

A Merchant is an individual or ship engaged primarily in trade and commerce.

Merchant ships range in size from small 200 ton Far and Free Trader class ships to large liners and cargo vessels of up to 10,000 tons displacement. The crews of these ships are also referred to as Merchants.

[edit] Merchant Vessel (Starship) Vessel Classifications

Merchant Ship Types include the following:

Armored Merchant Any starship used for interstellar trade, and commerce that has been set up with weapon systems for defense.
Far Trader A Far Trader is a small starship commonly used for interstellar trade and commerce that is capable of jump 2. Hundreds of variants exist. The typical size equals 200 tons.
Free Trader A Far Trader is a small starship commonly used for interstellar trade and commerce that is capable of jump 1. Hundreds of variants exist. The typical size equals 200 tons.
Frontier Trader A heavily armed transport normally doing business with fringe systems.
Luxury Liner A starship liner equipped for sumptuous living, primarily for transporting passengers
Merchant Cruiser A generic term applied to vessels specifically assigned to independent missions, the prime objective of which is market discovery and acquisition, either in isolation or in competion with other merchant operators. Design parameters for such vessels usually include a high level of weaponry and auxiliary boats in proportion to their cargo capacity and all possible back-up systems, along with high structural integrity.

Also called an Armed Merchantman, as merchant cruisers are unusally armed. A starship merchant primarily intended for independent cruising in undeveloped trade areas where high survivability is also a design factor.

Merchant Liner Merchant Liners are general-purpose design starships, intended to carry both passengers and freight. They are larger than the Far Traders intended for cargos over 200 tons and over a dozen passengers
Subsidized Liner A starship primarily for transporting passengers and mail subsidized by local government.
Subsidized Merchant In subsidized commerce, a local government (or a group of several worlds) agree to subsidize the construction of commercial starships in return for their servicing established routes. Ideally, the route will be profitable, and the subsidy can soon be ended. But, even without profits, the route provides a channel for interstellar trade, helping to provide markets for resources and finished goods as well as, enabling people from different world to share their cultures.

Typically, governments expect subsidized merchants to try to establish routes to make at least marginal profits to diminish the government expense burden. Although individual ports of call may not always provide sales at high margins, at least initially, the ultimate goal is to make the ship self-sufficient. Unfortunately all subsidized merchants are not all profitable and these ships may be recipients of government subsidies for years. Governments have to factor in the benefits derived from the established routes against the costs of maintaining the subsidy. This often becomes the deciding factor with somewhat isolated worlds with limited markets.

Bulk Cargo Carrier Bulk cargo haulers are like many other merchant vessels but their focus is on transporting freight. They often operate over well known, long establish routes. They are often contracted directly to companies with most or all their capacity used for moving that company's products.
Tanker Tankers may be merchants, but are more likely to be like a bulk cargo hauler, being contracted directly to a company. Where they differ is the product they move is either a liquid or gas. These ships vary drastically in tonnage, and may be found in virtually any system. Many of smaller tankers can be found servicing in-system needs, and some of the larger tankers may find themselves contracted to the navy, especially when the local fleet lacks sufficient organic lift capability of its own.

[edit] Merchant Vessel (Starship) Representative Classes

TL Class Tonnaaage Jump
15 Panam Ajax Class Transport 6,000 J-4
15 Type TJ Frontier Trader 2,000 J-6
15 Type TI Frontier Trader 2,000 J-2
15 Leviathan Class Merchant Cruiser 1,800 J-3
15 Mauripo Class Merchant 600 J-2
15 Star Class Armored Merchant 300 J-3
15 Type TC(S) Free Trader 200 J-1
14 Aslan Khtukhao Class Clan Transport 600 J-2
14 Aslan Eakhau Class Trader 400 J-2
14 Solomani Sundowner Class 400 J-2
13 Aslan Ihatei class Transport 50,000 J-3
13 K'kree Xeekr'kir! Class 6,000 J-2
13 Anhk Class Merchant 1,200 J-2
13 Vargr Khershawn Class Trader 300 J-2
13 Highlander Class Exploratory Merchant 500 J-3
13 Type A2 LSP Far Trader 200 J-2
13 Princess Gunnhilde Class 200 J-2
13 Manta Class 200 J-2
12 Caledonian Dakaar Class Freighter 1,800 J-2
12 Bastien Class Merchant Liner 600 J-3
12 ANNIC NOVA Far Trader 600 J-2/-3
12 Caccil Iceship 500 J-2
12 Type R Subsidized Merchant (Plans) 400 J-1
12 Petty Class Subsidized Merchant 400 J-1
12 Type A3 Trojan Reaches Trader 300 J-2
12 Jayhawk Class Far Trader 200 J-2
12 Basil Class 200 J-1
12 Type A Regni Yards Free Trader 200 J-1
11 Type RL2 "Stretched" Subsidized Merchant 600 J-2
11 Type R2 "Stretched" Subsidized Merchant 500 J-2
11 Yeoman Class Attack Cargo Vessel 400 J-1
11 Athelstan Class 400 J-1
10 Venture Class Frontier Trader 500 J-2
10 Akkigish Class Subsidized Merchant 400 J-1
10 Akkigish Class Far Trader 400 J-2
10 Ziru Sirka Hero Class Private Merchant 200 J-2
9 Type RL "Stretched" Subsidized Merchant 600 J-1
9 Paya Light Freighter 100 J-1
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