Stellar Reaches 3

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Stellar Reaches No. 3
Sr fanzine 03 cover 350px.jpg
Issue 3, Summer/Autumn 2005
Publisher FLTGames Gaming Group
Version Traveller D20
Author Jason Kemp
Format pdf
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Year Published 2005
Pages 40
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Editor: Jason Kemp
Contributing Artists: Andrew Boulton cover, Bryan Gibson, Thomas Dillon, Wayne Peters
Contributing Writers: P-O Bergstedt, Fritz Brown, Robert Eaglestone, Omar Golan, Jeff M. Hopper, Jason Kemp, Steve Omanski, Randy Ray, Kurt Willer

Table of Contents[edit]

Letter From The Editor ... pg. 3
BITS Task System ... pg. 5
Traveller Conversions: Collapsing UWPs For the Gateway Era ... pg. 11
Astrography: Beta Quadrant Of The Empty Quarter Sector ... pg. 9
Alternate Universes: The Solar Triumvirate ... pg. 18
Expanded Systems: CT Book Two Small Craft Design ... pg. 25
The Empty Quarter Echo: Saffron (Empty Quarter 0128 A440402-9) ... pg. 30
Patrons: Sophont Rights ... pg. 31
Patrons: Setting Up The Crow ... pg. 32
Patrons: Tomb Raiders ... pg. 33
Patrons: Limelight ... pg. 34
Patrons: The Duel of Sir Guniraakama ... pg. 36