Stellar Reaches 08

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Stellar Reaches 8
Issue 8
Publisher FLTGames Gaming Group
Version Generic
Author Jason Kemp
Format PDF
Canonical 0
Year Published 2008
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Cover Art: Andrew Boulton (“Boat Pad”)
Cover Layout: Jason “Flynn” Kemp
Contributing Artists: Travis Leichssenring (“Who’s Going To Knock?” pg 36; “Nagma”, pg 51; “Harpreet Singh”, pg 53), Jimmy Lee Wilson (“Engineer”, pg 23; “Admiral”, pg 30; “High Mother”, pg 43, “Rebel’, pg 50, “Coffee Man”, pg 69)
Contributing Authors: Joshua Bell, Mark Bridgeman, Jeff M. Hopper, Alvin Plummer
Editor/Layout Design: Jason “Flynn” Kemp

Table of Contents[edit]

Calling All Adventurers ... pg 3
Letter From The Editor ... pg 4
BITS Task System ... pg 5
Feature Adventure: The Irash Express by Mark Bridgeman ... pg 6
Adventure: Retirement by Alvin Plummer ... pg 24
Adventure: Until Sheep May Safely Graze by Alvin Plummer ... pg 31
Adventure: Frozen Fire by Alvin Plummer ... pg 37
Campaign Seed: Sacred Mission by Alvin Plummer ... pg 44
Empty Quarter Echo: Wesaswek by Jeff M. Hopper ... pg 49
Biography: Selected Ship Masters and Vessels of the Empty Quarter, Part 2 by Alvin Plummer ... pg 51
Using Your Model 2 Bis, Revisited by Joshua Bell ... pg 70