Starship Malfunction Card Deck

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Starship Malfunction Card Deck
Malfunctions for Neglected Starships
Publisher CyborgPrime Publishing
Author Frank Succardi
Version Generic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (PDF)
Pages 72 Poker Sized Cards
Year Published 2018
Language English
Canonical No
Available from
For use with classic 2d6 sci-fi RPG systems
Table of Contents
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Starship Malfunction Card Deck is a CyborgPrime Publishing product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Starship Malfunctions
Based on our popular "What's Wrong with the Ship?" d66 tables, we present this deck of 72 Ship Malfunction cards to expand your sci-fi RPG experience.

Bring your sci-fi RPG to life with these handy GM helpers.

What happens when your ship sustains damage? Try this deck of 72 damaged systems and repair estimates.


  • Your ship has sustained damage from an encounter with pirates.
  • You purchase a new ship and need to do a pre-purchase inspection.
  • You find a derelict ship and need a damage assessment in order to salvage it.
  • Your ship has had a rough landing.
  • You just need some inspiration for a starship-based adventure.
  • Your ship has skipped maintenance services.
  • Your ship has been neglected.

Whatever the reason, this deck of 72 Ship Malfunction cards will give you inspiration at your gaming table, without having to interrupt the game to search through pages of rulebooks.

Each card contains:

Damage Location
Damaged System
Damaged Subsystem
Malfunction Description
Repair Cost
Suggested Game Effects

Each diagnostic is done by a certified professional Starship Engineer and comes with a repair quote. So, whether your ship's aft redundant power vent is shorted out (46 KCr to repair) or your dorsal tertiary plasma capacitor is not responding (28 KCr to repair), experienced technicians and engineers will have you space-worthy in no time!

Bring your game to life with greater detail- without sweating the small stuff!

Add Starship Malfunctions card deck to your gaming library today!

Table of Contents[edit]

Starship Malfunction Card Deck
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Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Author Frank Succardi

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