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The Hull is the main body of a ship, boat, or other vessel type.

  • It contains the frame, skeleton, and structure.
  • It is often called a fuselage or chassis on smallcraft or vehicles.
  • Hulls have two primary characteristics (specifications) of hull shape and streamling and several other minor ones.
  • It is a kind of Ship Equipment.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Hulls or fuselages are the skeletons, internal structures, and other core structural features of a craft capable of atmospheric flight, spaceflight, or starflight.

Hulls are identified by their mass displacement, expressed in tons. When hulls are constructed, they are divided into an engineering section for the drives and the main compartment for everything else. Standard hulls are available at reduced prices and construction times. Any other hull must be produced on a custom basis. Hulls vary in their requirements for drives and power plants based on tonnage.

Physical Structure (Surface)[edit]

Secondary Hull Characteristic:

Configuration (Shape)[edit]

Primary Hull Characteristic:

Streamlining (Aerodynamics)[edit]

Primary Hull Characteristic: Streamlining may be inherent to the configuration, or it may be an applied design feature:

A hull may be additionally equipped for wilderness refuelling with:

Aircraft hulls may be equipped with intakes for various engine types for atmospheric flight.

Hull Materials / Hull Armor (Defensive Frame)[edit]

Secondary Hull Characteristic:

Primary structural material: Hull Materials & Armor
Type TL Remarks
Iron TL-3 None
Steel TL-4 None
Hard Steel TL-5 None
Light Alloys TL-6 None
Titanium Alloy TL-6 None
Composite Laminate TL-7 None
Lightweight Composite Laminate TL-9 None
Crystaliron TL-10 None
Superdense TL-12 None
Bonded Superdense TL-14 None
Coherent Superdense TL-17 None
Organic TBD None


  • Compartmentalization
  • Electrostatic armor
  • Hull plating
  • Inherent armor (Planetoid Hulls)
  • Reactive armor
  • Reflec coating
  • Structural bracing

Additional Features (Accoutrements)[edit]

Secondary Hull Characteristic:

  • Exterior Windows
  • Heat Shielding
  • Radiation Shielding
  • Surface finish (color scheme), markings and logos

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No data yet available.

Technological Overview of Hull Development[edit]

Unpowered aircraft using floaters or harnessed flying creatures typically become available to sophonts in the TL:1-3 epoch.

At higher technological epochs, more advanced forms of starflight become theoretically possible including trans-universal or trans-brane transportation to multiverses. Some believe that chronotaxis or time travel may become routinely available in the far future.

CBPUSAL Designation[edit]

  1. C. Cluster. An accumulation of compartments.
  2. B. Braced Cluster. Structured for higher acceleration.
  3. P. Planetoid. A hollowed nickel-iron asteroid.
  4. U. Unstreamlined. Protrusions increase drag.
  5. S. Streamlined. Cowlings and fairings decrease drag.
  6. A. Airframe. Winged for performance in atmosphere.
  7. L. Lifting Body. Radically streamlined lifting-surfaces.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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