Star Legion Planetary Defense Regiment

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Star Legion Planetary Defense Regiment (Military) Synopsis[edit]

In the Zydarian Codominium Star Legion this is a TL–A formation designed to operate over a range of technology levels. It is mainly deployed to defend a planet.

Star Legion Planetary Defense Regiment (Military) Description[edit]

Marine units have fewer vehicles and depend more on naval small craft. They also have less artillery and rely more on ortillery.

Star Legion Planetary Defense Regiment (Military) Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

One critical tactic for the success of the Star Legion is to only employ just enough force during marine operations and to conserve troop strength. Small units dart in and seize vital targets. Critical strikes at the right time and place are needed for success. Lower tech defensive formations adopt a different tact. They want to overwhelm and isolate attacks. They tie up and pin attackers and use superior numbers to wear out and exhaust invaders.

Star Legion Planetary Defense Regiment (Military) History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

As territory has been acquired and added to the fold, massive invasions have followed stubborn defensive efforts. As a result few planets have been successfully retaken. The Star Legion has ensured that new members converted to the cause, stay that way. Their expansion is slow paced but has yet to be successfully challenged.

Star Legion Planetary Defense Regiment (Military) Tables of Organization & Equipment (Organization)[edit]

There are 314 vehicle crew and 572 infantry troopers.

  • The infantry wear full body CES(6) and are equipped with IR/LI helmets with 20 power 0.1kg radios, 9mm ACRs with a 4cm RAM HEAT AT Grenade, clips of DS ammo, a disposable 4.5kg 1 km range, homing TAC missile for AA or AT.
  • The numbers listed do not include the mess platoon of 9 field kitchens and 18 cooks, the medical platoon of 6 battalion aid stations/surgical vans, and the 12 company clearing station/ambulances, or 30 medics with kits.
  • Maintenance companies with workshops are required for the suspensions, vehicles, weapons and electronics as well.
  • A logistical and support group is attached from higher echelons of the star legion as needed.

Most vehicles have MHD turbine power plants, a few have fusion when greater power was needed.

  • An effort to keep costs down is evident. The entire regiments vehicles and most of its equipment can be had for less than 30 MCr.
  • Most of the designed are lightly armored.
  • Most carry at least a HMG and some TAC missiles.
  • Point defense 2cm auto cannons, anti-tank lasers, and hyper velocity CPR guns are also used.
  • The air cushion vehicles are fast, often faster than a grav vehicle in NOE flight, but are best suited to wide open places and fast paced attack, dense undergrowth and steep slopes can seriously restrict their deployment.
  • The track vehicles tend to be slower but can get into places the ACVs can't.
  • The grav vehicles are just too expensive, often over 1 MCr./vehicle.

Star Legion (Unit) Regimental HQ[edit]

  • 1 Executive Jet with 8 crew, regimental officers
  • 1 Air Raft with 4 crew and 20 specialists
  • 1 Helicopter with 1 crew and 4 specialists

Star Legion (Unit) Air Assault Squadron[edit]

  • 6 Scout Ornithopters, 1 crew, 1 ton, each
  • 3 Gunships, 2 crew, 5 ton VTOL planes
  • 3 Slicks, 2 crew, 12 special forces, 5 ton VTOL planes

Star Legion (Unit) Hussars/Scout Recon Company[edit]

  • 25 Motorcycles, 25 crew
  • 10 4x4 Wheeled Scout Cars, 30 crew

Star Legion (Unit) Lancer/Tank Company[edit]

  • 3 Laser Tracked MBT, 9 crew
  • 12 Tracked 11 cm CPR MBT, 48 crew

Star Legion (Unit) Artillery Battery[edit]

  • 8 Tracked SPGs, 24 crew

Star Legion (Unit) Mechanized Infantry Companies (x3)[edit]

  • 30 Tracked APCs, 90 crew, 240 troops

Star Legion (Unit) Cavalry Troops (x3)[edit]

  • 10 ACV APC, 30 crew, 200 troops
  • 3 Laser ACV, 9 crew
  • 3 Point Defense ACV, 9 crew
  • 3 SPG ACV, 9 crew

Zydarian Star Legion (Military) References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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