Staple Gun

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cP859u Staple Gun
Type Weapon
Tech Level TL–11
Size 350ml
Weight 0.9kg
Cost Cr550
0.1kg magainze w/25 rounds

The term "Staple gun" has stuck to the cP859u pistol since its introduction, so much so that official Imperium databases automatically cross-reference the term. The cP859u through x variants are designed as sidearms for non-human Imperium troop who are unable to comfortably handle standard Imperial designs. These species are usually assigned to secondary roles that do not require front-line armament. The cP859 series is designed to allow field modification so that any known species can adapt it to their special manipulative members. Features of note are the extremely large and adjustable hand guard. a trigger assembly that is electrical and can be placed anywhere on the weapon, and a low recoil force so that even smaller or more fragile species can use it without harm.

The staple gun is capable of being adjusted for single shot, burst fire or autofire, or having any of these modes locked out to take species preferences into account.

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