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Sphereworld, Dyson Sphere

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Description / Specifications[edit]

As first postulated by and named for Terran scientist Freeman Dyson, a spherical swarm of orbiting "capsules" could be set into orbits around a star at a given distance in a spherical distribution, completely enclosing the star and trapping nearly all of its output energy for use by an extremely advanced civilization. Such a structure has been variously referred to as either a Dyson Sphere or a Sphereworld.

Planetary Characteristics[edit]

At higher technological levels of advancement than that used to construct a standard Dyson Sphere, a Rigid Dyson Sphere is hypothetically feasible using incredibly strong materials similar to those in a Niven Ringworld, adding gravity generators where necessary for strength and comfort. A spherical shell such as this would completely enclose a star.

  • In either case, such a shell would then trap all stellar radiation for use by the civilization. With a radius of 149 million kilometers (about 93 million miles), the internal surface area would equal about one billion planets the size of Terra.

Sphereworld UWP[edit]

Standard ("many-capsule") Sphereworlds are estimated to be approximately TL 25 manufacturing capability, whereas Rigid Sphereworlds are are estimated to be approximately TL 29 manufacturing capability.

  • "Small" sphereworlds use world and gas giant size codes. "Dyson" sphereworlds use a size code of 'Y', indicating a stellar-scale construct. They all have the comment code 'Ax'. Due to TL skew, most UWPs with a size code Y and comment code Ax will be ringworlds, but sphereworlds also inhabit this space. Therefore, additional notes are typically expected.

Probably Planetary Orbit & Climate[edit]

No information yet available.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

First postulated by Terran scientist Freeman Dyson prior to first contact with the Vilani.

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