Special Supplement 5: Short Adventures

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Short Adventures
Special Supplement 5
Publisher Avenger Enterprises
Version Classic Traveller
Author  ?
Format PDF
Canonical Yes
Year Published 2007
Pages 64
Product No. CSRT0033

This handy collection of short adventure seeds presents a range of situations ranging from the sinister to the downright bizarre. Plunge into the acid mists of a hostile world or transport a fire truck through interstellar space. Teach reluctant colonists to protect themselves from hostile invaders or mediate a dispute between humans and dolphins... there is something here for everyone.

All the adventures included are suitable for use with any version of the Traveller rules system and in any era. Included are short adventure seeds in the form of 30 Patron Encounters plus longer adventures including 8 Amber Zones, 8 Mercenary Tickets and a series of 4 linked mini-adventures, making 50 unique adventure opportunities.