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  • ...ivers. Communal areas are larger which includes dining areas, freshers (no privacy taboo), and social gathering spots. ...are essentially a deterrent force and are seldom used as an instrument of policy. The [[Ithklur]] have long been known as the the premier shock troops of t
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  • gene transfer)]. Typically, the most robust and viable males practice a policy of polygyny (i.e. a form of plural conjugation, in which each male mates wi ...ers to a possession of an individual's herd, not to that of an individual. Privacy and individuality are exotic and little understood concepts for the K'kree.
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  • ...riatlech (world)|Epriatlech]] the world was off-limits to non-Droyne. This policy changed after the [[Collapse]], as the Consulate needed the warships that e ...dani Consulate|Consulate]] was only too happy to oblige their requests for privacy.
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  • had to reclaim its worlds in Trojan Reach. Under a carefully calculated policy, declared support, which created an enormous "pretzel" of incoherent policy. When the Regency declared the [[Representational Reforms]] in [[1152]], th
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  • ...large body of common law are extremely protective of individual rights to privacy and freedom from abuse, injury, murder, or theft, although fraud-type crime By policy, Freehold keeps its official offworld connections to a minimum, avoiding al
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  • ...we can't accept vessels larger than 200 dTons. Not only is it against our policy to allow violations, but I need to warn you that you will face big trouble ...Triarchy would be allowed to run surveillance except in their own spaces. Privacy is part of what the Triarchy sells here.
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