Traveller Sophont Creation System

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The Traveller Sophont Creation System is an explicit game mechanic of Traveller 5th Edition.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

T5 includes a Sophont Creation ToolSet which enables creation of a range of different types of Sophont types to enrich a particular Traveller campaign.

Outputs can include:

  1. Environmental details on homeworld, and ecological details relating to pre-sophont origin
  2. Characteristics profile (including what characteristics are required)
  3. Caste outline
  4. Gender possibilities
  5. Life Stages
  6. Senses available to the Sophont
  7. Body structure
  8. Special abilities (by race, gender, or caste)
  9. Size
  10. "Uniques" - all kinds
  11. Tech Level caps
  12. Psionics

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Explicit restrictions include: non-physical lifeforms, extremophile lifeforms, or other difficult-to-codify examples.

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