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Société Bénéfique is a large corporation of the Distant Fringe.


Société Bénéfique is considered to be a part of the Banking, Insurance, and Legal Business Sector. It operates throughout the Distant Fringe, though its interest is strongest in the rimward parts of Halcyon Sector. It is involved with finance and economics of all kinds.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

  • Asset allocation, asset management.
  • Bond trading, commodity trading, equities trading, investment and stock portfolios.
  • Brokerage services, capital market services, investment management and retail brokerage.
  • Commercial banking, corporate banking, investment banking and retail banking.
  • Conglomeration services, debt resolution, and mediation and advisory services.
  • Futures and options trading, stock trading.
  • Mortgages, mortgage loans and underwriting.
  • Risk management, finance and insurance, venture capital.
  • Treasury and security services, remittance services.

Governance & Organization[edit]

Société Bénéfique is governed by a President and a Board of Trustees. It is run by a Executive President, Senior Executive Officers and Bureau Directors. It has an extensive Records Bureau, an Internal Audit Department, a large Legal Bureau, a Sophont Resources Bureau, a very large Public Relations Bureau, and a large Internal Security Bureau.

Head Office[edit]

The head office is located on Wolf, a major commercial and industrial center in the rimward part of Halcyon Sector. As well as the main administrative complexes its headquarters includes corporate retreats and spa complexes, executive villas, and large private estates with associated recreational facilities where business may be undertaken in complete privacy. The company controls a number of private spaceport facilities on the world.

Major Divisions[edit]

  • Bénéfique Financial Services
  • Finance Management Division
  • Investment Banking Division
  • Private Banking Division
  • Securities Division


Stock ownership:

  • Long Advantage Investments – 25%,
  • "Fives" families – 23%,
  • Palodine Holdings – 17%,
  • Private ownership – 15%,
  • Bullen Ross Schneider – 9%,
  • Vargel Insell – 6%,
  • Younger Stock Investments – 5%.


  • Banque d'épargne (an interstellar bank that provides consumer banking)
  • Bénéfique Direct (an investment bank focused on mergers & acquisitions).
  • Entreprise Sociale (an interstellar bank that provides commercial banking)

Notable Investments[edit]

Corporate Holdings[edit]

The company maintains Regional Head Offices, administrative centers, prime real estate, secure properties and compounds, holding facilities, heavily protected vaults and secure areas, ancillary facilities, commercial premises and large private estates on worlds across the region. It holds substantial amounts of vehicles, supplies, and the supporting equipment and technology necessary to maintain operations. These assets and holdings are protected by Société Bénéfique's highly trained and superbly equipped security. It vigorously pursues those who cross its interests.

  • Société Bénéfique holds deposits and vault cash, reserves, loans including interest from consumer and business loans, rights, and investments and securities.
  • It has a corporate fleet of light transport vessels and private armed escort craft.

History & Background[edit]

The organisation was founded by a consortium of financial interests on Wolf in the early years of the 52nd century.

Trade Partners[edit]

  • Hoffmann & Bachelor (based at Wolf)
  • Younger Stock Investments (based at Kuyt)

Trade Competitors[edit]


Société Bénéfique makes much of its ethical banking practises and has a focus on sustainability. It deals with organisations that are making a positive social, environmental or cultural impact.

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