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Slavery is the act of enslaving another sophont to perform work against their will.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Slavery Terminology[edit]

  1. Bonded Labor
  2. Chattel Slavery
  3. Debt Bondage
  4. Forced Labor
  5. Penal Labor
  6. Serfdom
  7. Sex Slave
  8. Slave Labor
  9. Slave Trade
  10. Unfree Labor

Slavery Within the Third Imperium[edit]

Warrant of Restoration: Article VI - Slavery Prohibited:
Chattel slavery shall not exist within the Imperium, nor in any territory directly under its control, nor on any member world, nor within any territory with which a member world shall have dealings.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Slave Peoples & Races[edit]

The following sophonts experience slavery at one time. Some are still under bondage:

  1. Asderonti
  2. Ael Yael
  3. Brinn
  4. Falsemen
  5. Girug'kagh
  6. Halka
  7. Humaniti
  8. Irilitok Vargr
  9. Languljigee
  10. Reformed Dootchen Estates
  11. Toishani
  12. Yn-tsai

Slaver Polities & Organizations[edit]

These polities, corporations, and organizations currently practice slavery or did so in the past:

  1. Aakhri Empire
  2. Aslan Hierate
  3. Die Weltbund
  4. Duchy of St. Foy
  5. Ghaskoret Empire
  6. Glorious Empire
  7. Khuzedhoth Doom Trade Slaving
  8. Krymia Einarchy
  9. McAteer Mining
  10. Society of Equals
  11. Vargr Extents

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

The practice of slavery is located throughout:
Charted Space:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this the practice of slavery:

26 of 26 World articles in Slave
Argi  •  Danelag  •  Dzagok  •  Earlyu  •  Garrillon  •  Geker  •  Halka  •  Hesarus  •  Kemnagii  •  Lajanjigal  •  Lumnu  •  Oenlaetsvaeg  •  Outsaerrghfars  •  Rajan (EQ 2331)  •  Rrourag  •  Ruie  •  Shaida  •  Sii (Da 0932)  •  Tiniyd  •  Tobibak  •  Tsanesi  •  Tuekoungoull  •  Uenkakh  •  Uosa  •  Yero’ilra  •  Yori  •  
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