Simba Safari

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Simba Safari
Simba Safari.jpg
Publisher Judges Guild
Version Classic Traveller
Author Dave Sering
Format Book
Canonical 0
Year Published 1981
Pages 32
Available from RPGNow

High adventure and danger

Trophy hunts in the Outworld Sector

Safari ship plans, giant maps and charts

New creature types

  • 22” x 32” Deckplans (15mm Scale)

This adventure scenario contains a 32-page guidebook and a separate 22" X 34" double-sided map sheet. Set in the Ley Sector of the Gateway Quadrant, the adventure features the 'Simba Safari' and crew. Complete 15mm plans of the type K Hunter Ship are included as is a 15mm scale plan of the adventure site. The crew and passengers range across the Planets of the Diamond-Prince Sub-sector in search of trophies and adventure.

Six planets are provided in detail along with all terrain and animal charts. The scenario is completely detailed for the judge and suggestions are given for personalizing the adventure to suit the tone of the individual campaign.

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction ... 3
Ship Description ... 4
Crew Description ... 8
Passenger Description ... 9
Planetary Stops ... 11
Event/Encounter tables ... 12
Encounters ... 13
Animal Encounters ... 16
Planet Special Encounter ... 19
Alien Installation ... 24
Plans ... 26
Optional Additions ... 27
Play hints ... 28
Artifact and Ruins tables ... 29
Subsector Maps ... 32


Designer: Dave Sering
Graphics and Layout : Jerry Taylor, John Mortimer
Art: Jerry Taylor