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Classification Scavenger/flyer
Status Minor Race
Size 5-7 m wide
Weight 16-22 kg
Homeworld Cyaegha (Spinward Marches 1917)
Multi-world No
Canon No
Extinct Extant
Psi Potential Standard
Reference Morandir Armson

The descendants of aerial carrion eaters, the Siliwishisee are a minor race from Cyaegha (Spinward Marches 1917), a mountainous, low-gravity world in the Abyss Rift.

Physiology and environment[edit]

High winds blow on Cyaegha and the Siliwishisee ride these winds, picking up detritus. Few of the Siliwishisee have left their homeworld; they are unsuited to most environments and will not willingly leave.

The Siliwishisee are radially symmetrical with 7 major lobes and 4 minor lobes. The major lobes form the major portion of the body, and are arranged in the shape of a 7-pointed star. Each major lobe is equipped with an ocular organ, which uses visible light, a radio-sensing organ, which can "see" using radio waves, an electrical organ, which can "hear" electrical field shifts and a gripping claw, which is retractable and folds back into a recessed socket. The 7 major lobes also have a food groove, which leads from the lobe tip to the central mouth.The 4 minor lobes are attached to the dorsal surface and spread out in a cruciform shape. These lobes are equipped with membranous sails, which can unfold and are used on the Siliwishisees' native planet as wings or sails.

They have a tough, thin membrane on their outer surface which is polymer-like and very difficult to puncture. This membrane is translucent and allows the inner organs to show through. The colouration ranges from an icy blue-white at the tips to a deep sky blue in the centre. The lobes also contain pigment cells, which can voluntarily flash bright red or yellow patterns, which seem to run along the surface of the lobes.

The central section is small in relation to the organism's overall size, being only 250mm to 350mm wide. This section contains the mouth and gastric chamber of the organism. The mouth is small, and equipped with inward-pointing bristles, which funnel food into the gastric chamber.

They are trisexual, with a mother gender, a male gender and a female gender. The male provides seminal cells to the female and the female then impregnates the mother. The Siliwishisee are long-chain polymer based and eat desiccated, granulated food, which they pick up in drifts. Any Siliwishisee living off their homeworld must desiccate and pulverise food before eating it.

Siliwishisee who live offworld in environments with a normal gravity, around 1.0 G, locomote using 4 of the 7 major lobes as legs, whilst using the other 3 major lobes to brachiate when necessary.

History and background[edit]


Psychology and philosophy[edit]

Individual Siliwishisee tend to be very strange by Humaniti standards. They are also pacifists; the usual Siliwishisee response to danger is first to flash warningly, then to flee.

Culture and society[edit]

The aboriginal religion of the Siliwishisee is based on a veneration of a Great Spirit, whom they identify with the star Achernar.

More recently, missionaries of Bhodislam have carried that faith to Cyaegha.

Social Organization[edit]

Siliwishisee society is developed along hierarchical lines, based on size.


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