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Signal-GK 5
SGK 5 cover 350.jpg
Issue 5
Publisher Signal-GK
Version MegaTraveller
Author Jae Campbell
Format PDF
Canonical No
Edition 1
Year Published 1992
Pages 54
Available from Signal-GK/issues
Table of Contents
Editorial 3
A Children's Story 5
Contact: S'mrii 6
Port of call: Mimu 17
Gathering of Strangers 24
Aka: Silornerch 37
Legends and Lore of Dagudashaag 38
Library Data: Mimu Subsector 41
War Zone:Mimu 52


Cover: “Weeping Spire” by Duncan Law-Green
Interior art: Stuart Machin [SM], Nik Piper [NP] Adrian Stewart [AS], Leighton Piper [LP] Duncan Law-Green [LG] Jae Campbell [JC] and Len Robinson [LR].
Dagudashaag Development Team: Duncan, Adie, Leighton, Stuart and Jae with assistance from Nick Walker

Table of Contents[edit]

Editorial by J. Duncan Law-Green 3
A Children's Story by J. Duncan Law-Green 5
Contact: S'mrii by J. Duncan Law-Green 6
Port of Call: Mimu (world) by J. Duncan Law-Green 17
INDISS by Nick Walker 23
Gathering of Strangers by Adie Stewart 24
Aka: Silornerch by Nick Walker 37
Legends and Lore of Dagudashaag by Jae Campbell 38
Library Data: Mimu Subsector by DDT 41
War zone: Mimu by Stuart Machin 52